Other Projects

Orca Divers has performed dive operations on municipal water treatment plants and outfall lines too numerous to list here. However, below are some additional projects that serve to characterize the diversity of tasks Orca Divers is capable of taking on.

Smith River Bridge, US-101 near Gardiner, OR 02/2000

Oregon Department of Transportation, Ross Brothers Construction

  • Burning holes and bolting cross braces on workbridge
  • Cut all piles and dolphins during demolition of old bridge
  • Debris clean up

Waste Water Treatment Plant, Florence, OR 03/2000

City of Florence, Slayden Construction

  • Penetration dive for the retrieval of an inflatable damage control plug

Beaver Creek Bridge, US-101 in Beaver, OR 7/2000

Oregon Department of Transportation, Ross Brothers Construction

  • Cut steel pilings
  • Rigged pilings for removal

Newport Aquarium, Newport, OR 08/2000

Mountain States Construction

  • Fabricated raw sea water intake pipes for the Aquarium
  • Rigged into place and installed

Gold Beach Bridge, US-101 near Gold Beach, OR

Oregon Department of Transportation, Hamilton Construction

  • Cutting steel and wood pilings
  • Drilling (installation of stitch dowel) pilings and metal sheet

Haynes Inlet Bridge, US-101, near McCulloch Bridge, North Bend, OR

Oregon Department of Transportation, Hamilton Construction

  • Cut steel pilings Haynes Inlet Bridge, Hwy 101, North Bend, OR
  • Rigging for removal of wire cut bridge column

Isthmus Slough Bridge, Coos Bay Wagon Road, Coos Bay, OR

Oregon Department of Transportation, West Coast Contractors

  • Setting of whalers or rings
  • Installation of cell excavation
  • Underwater jetting and debris removal

Railroad Bridge, Tahkenitch Lake

Osmose Railroad Services

  • Cut wood pilings
  • Assisting with wood pile splicing

Railroad Bridge (crossing Coos Bay), North Bend, OR

Presently owned by Port of Coos Bay, West Coast Contractors

  • Cut wood pilings
  • Drilling and installation of anchors for bridge fender system
  • Cut sheet pilings
  • Debris removal of rip-rap and pilings
  • Installation of snorkel tube in voids for cement pour
  • Guided installation of vibration hammers for removal of submerged pilings
  • Guided clam bucket for removal of submerged rip-rap

Fish Bypass Structure, Upper Isthmus Slough Bridge, Coos Bay, OR

Klamath Lake, Klamath Falls, OR

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Slayden Construction

  • Removal of buoyancy stabilizers
  • Inspection of ballast block for depth and elevation
  • Removal of flange blanks
  • Installation of plastic fabric with sandbags to reduce flow through gravel cofferdam

Chevron Fuel Dock, Coos Bay, OR

Opcon Industries Inc.

  • Cut and removal of 280 wood pilings
  • Debris removal

Emergency Sewer Repair, Schofield Slough, Reedsport, OR

City of Reedsport

  • Immediate response to urgent problem
  • Location of sewer leak
  • Placement and verification of repair band

Emergency Cable Repair, Umpqua River and US-101, Reedsport, OR

Falcon Cable, Central Lincoln PUD

  • Excavation and location of broken conduits
  • Repair of conduit and cable
  • Flood damage debris removal